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Parking can become challenging especially during the weekend times (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) of the Newport Beach Boat Parade. We have compiled the most complete parking guide for those seeking parking on the Balboa Peninsula during the Newport Beach Boat Parade.

There are two official public parking areas for the parade. The first and largest is the Balboa Pier Parking lot. This lot rarely fills up on the weekdays of the parade, but does fill on the weekends.

If you are looking for parking on a later cruise on the weekends, I would not rely on this parking lot. Instead try the second parking option which is the Newport Landing Indoor Parking Structure. If you arrive one hour or more before departure there should be plenty of availability. It may take a little time for the valet to park your car. If you are in a fairly long line and worried they may not have availability, call our office at 949-673-1435. We will have up to the minute parking availability information. You can also have a passenger walk to the parking structure attendant and ask if they will be able to park you (explain where you are in line). If you are told they can't accommodate you then you have not waited in line unnecessarily and can go to the next options.

The next option which is not widely known is metered parking. After 6:00 pm meters are free and have no time limit. This is a great option to check on. There is some metered parking on E. Bay Street but that usually goes pretty fast. There is much more metered parking right before the Balboa Pier Parking Lot on Palm Street (Right from Balboa Blvd.) this is a good bet. There is also a good deal on metered parking on Palm Street on the right hand side just after making a left from Balboa Blvd. The Newport Boat Parade usually has completely past this area by 7:15 pm and those trying to watch it from land usually start to depart so being patient is the key.

No parking has opened up and you have some time left before your cruise departs this is a good time to try the residential streets to the north of Newport Landing. Make a left on Adams and then a left on E. Bay Street and keep your eyes open. You may get lucky and get parking right away, but odds are you will have to go a few blocks. I wouldn't bother turning on the first couple of streets but just slow down and look to see if there is a spot. Once you get to Fernando Street make a right and go to the end of the street. If you still haven't found anything make a left into the alley and you will be connected to the next street. Keep playing this game and you should eventually find some parking. If walking is prohibitive continue searching. If not, a 5 minute walk will be much easier than waiting 30 minutes for a closer parking spot.

Still not having luck call the office at 949-673-1435. Let us know what time you are scheduled for and where you are at. We will use all of our tricks to get you parked.

For most of the holiday cruises the standard parking lots are going to be fine. However, we thought that giving you all of the little details will make parking during the Newport Beach Boat Parade a lot easier and ultimately a more enjoyable night for all.