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The Newport Beach Boat Parade 2018 is all about boats, Newport Harbor, and the holidays so what better way to view the parade then by boat. For those that already have a boat in Newport Harbor and have been in the boat parade before this may not apply but for the other 99.8% of us including me who do not have access to a boat or would rather not deal with all of the requirements when operating a boat during the parade, joining others on one of the general admission cruises is a great way to experience the Newport Beach Boat Parade hassle free.

Cruise Times & Prices

Trip type Dates Departure 1 Departure 2 Departure 3 Price
Christmas Boat Parade of Lights Dec. 19 - Dec. 23 5:30pm - 7:00pm 7:15pm - 8:15pm 8:30pm - 10:00pm Adults: $36 Juniors: $31
Holiday Cruises* Nov 30 - Dec 18 | Dec 24 - Dec 31 5:30pm 7:00pm 8:30pm Adults: $36 Juniors: $31

Along with holiday party and private rental information during the Newport Beach Boat Parade, our boat parade website also has information about public cruises both during the Newport Beach Boat Parade and throughout the month of December. These general admission holiday cruises enable everyone to be "in" the famous Newport Beach Boat Parade.

What better way to view the incredible lights and experience everything the Newport Beach Boat Parade has to offer than by being onboard a ship fully decorated and in the actual boat parade.

General cruises take place throughout the month of December with three cruises nightly. The first cruise departs at 5:30 pm, the second cruise departs at 7:00 pm, and the last cruise departs at 8:30 pm. Each holiday cruise is roughly 75 minutes in length. Are you looking to cruise before, after, or during the parade?

The Newport Beach Boat Parade is a five day event and if being in the parade is what you are looking for, then these five days are it. The boat parade begins on a Wednesday and goes through Sunday. The dates vary somewhat each year but the days of the week stay the same. The parade itself is the same each night and so there is no advantage going one night versus another in terms of viewing a specific parade. When thinking of going on the busiest nights (Friday and Saturday), here are a couple reasons why you might want to choose an alternative night. Parking is a big reason. For those of you who have not experienced the challenges of parking on a Friday or Saturday night especially on the later trips it is an experience that you could probably do without. Still if you have to go on these nights, just get here extra early (1 hour to 1 ½ hours before departure) and be prepared to spend a little time parking. For more information on parking check out our parking page for the Newport Beach Boat Parade. Pricing may be another reason as Friday, Saturday, & Sunday nights of the parade could be a little more expensive. Dinning options are very limited on these nights for close by establishments.

So you have family in town the week before the parade, great now what? You can still go. Although the parade itself will not be present, most of the décor and many of the ships competing in the parade will be. Newport Harbor in full holiday décor is not to disappoint. Pre parade cruises offer 85% of the parade without the huge numbers of people and parking challenges. I can’t think of a more relaxing evening than under the stars cruising Newport Bay with all of the holiday décor. Weekends are more popular during this pre parade time frame and reservations are mandatory.

Same also applies for cruises after the Newport Boat Parade as the harbor remains in full décor until early January. The week after the parade is especially busy and unless you had witnessed the parade before you would be hard pressed to notice much of a difference. Most of the boats that competed in the parade tour the harbor nightly to show off their festive decorations. Typically the week after the parade is very popular (week leading up to Christmas) and reservations on the weekend dates are a must. For the kids the earlier departure time is more popular while for adults the later option is a great way to experience the holidays after grabbing a bite to eat early in the evening.

There is no assigned seating on any of the holiday cruises. Anywhere on the boat is a great spot. There are no real prime areas to sit or vantage points that are any better than the other. You have complete freedom to move about the entire ship including upstairs viewing decks, indoor cabins, and throughout the main deck. The indoor areas are a good place to store blankets or extra clothing. Even in Southern California it can get chilly at night so we recommend dressing in layers. It could be a balmy 70 degrees and you are roasting or doing jumping jacks to keep warm. Average evening temperature for the Newport Beach Boat Parade is between 58-62 degrees. Blankets can be a nice touch, especially for the youngsters. Each ship is equipped with a bar stocked with all sorts of warm and cold beverages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Snacks and desserts are also available and the bar operates on a cash basis only. Click here for a map of the parade route. It is always nice to be able to visualize where you are during your cruise.

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110th Christmas Parade

The Newport Beach Boat Parade 2018 is all about boats, Newport Harbor, and the holidays so what better way to view the parade than by boat!

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